Putting the Client first!


ABC Translating believes the client comes first, and many times that means that they will be working late into the night to meet their clients deadline. They aim for quality, professionalism and timely delivery for all translation needs. 

ABC Translating and Interpreting Services has been in business since 1985, first serving the Inland Empire and now San Diego County, their experience is broad and multifaceted and can provide interpreters for all languages many times in as a short of a notice as 24 hours. 

We have had calls for obscure languages like Mandinka, Zapoteco, Bengali, and regardless how exotic and rare the language, We will look through our network and find one of our qualified interpreters or translators that can handle the need.  And of course Spanish is no problem for ABC will provide qualified and Certified interpreters and translators for all your Spanish needs.

The president and founder of ABC Translating and Interpreting is Mario Rojas, who has been Certified since 1981 and has an incredible wide range of experience working first for the judicial system. First for the Orange County Superior Court for 4 years and then the Los Angeles Superior Court for 15 years and the San Diego Superior Court for 10 years.  And now since the year 2008 he has dedicated and focused himself and his company ABC Translating toward the private and legal sectors, providing services for such varied needs as Depositions, Conferences, Trials, Jail Interviews, as well as the translation of hundreds of legal documents from birth, marriage and death certificates, to industrial manuals and monthly safety videos for which ABC in addition to providing translation also provides voiceover services.

                                                ABCs CLIENTS

Clients come back time and again to ABC, not only for their prompt service, but also for their professionalism and courtesy and no one tries harder than ABC Translating and Interpreting Services.

Some of the clients that ABC has presently or in the past provided services for, include the following:
Calloway Golf.  With Calloway Golf, they had us translate their monthly newsletter for their employees, it was a very enjoyable experience that we had the opportunity to provide for several years, comments Mario Rojas.

MTS, Multivideo Training Systems, is a provider of safety training videos for the Industrial sector. What MTS does  every month is send ABC Translating their scripts which can amount to about 25000 words per month and within the time frame given usually two weeks, ABC Translating, translates the scripts and does the voiceover narration for each of them, and ABC is always ready with last minute changes and additions, and always meets the deadline in order for the videos to be produced in Spanish and sent to all the clients of MTS in a timely fashion. 

Wooly Burger Productions, has been a client of ABC Translating for the past 3 years, and within 24 hours, ABC translates all of WBs copy for commercials for radio or television air play, many times providing the voiceover as well.

Burrtec Waste and Recycle, sends all their newsletters to ABC Translating, who usually within the same day translates their articles and notices for their Spanish customers.

Ron Edward from Audio Video Networks knows he can count on ABC Translating for his companies Spanish speaking needs, at least once a month they send ABC a script for translation and voiceover that ABC usually turns around within 24 hours.

ABCs clients are found all over California and now out of state as well, who send ABC their translation needs from as far as Pennsylvania.  But for interpreting ABCs focus is San Diego County, the Inland Empire and Orange County, and looking to branch out to Los Angeles in the near future as well.



Since the founder and president of ABC Translating has been and is a Certified Interpreter and Translator himself he knows first hand the challenges and nuances found within the languages his company services. His personal oversight of each and every job guarantees you the personal and professional care that your project or language need deserves. 

As a Certified Interpreter/Translator, Mario Rojas makes sure that you wont be let down, as he has heard many times from companies that had interpreters that never showed up or called, or deadlines that went unmet, Mario Rojas will drop and rearrange his schedule to make sure your need is met in a timely fashion. 

                                    CONFERENCE INTERPRETING

One of the fields that ABC Translating has branched out into in the past few years is Conference Interpreting for which ABC can also provide transmitters and receivers for whatever the target language may be.  We had a call come in from Oakland from Local Union 270 who were needing our services for an emergency meeting, we had three days to plan and gather all that was needed for this meeting, and it was a challenge but one that in the end was gratifying as we flew to Oakland with all the needed equipment and interpreters to provide the conference interpreting Service that was needed.

                                                RELIGIOUS FIELD
a. Missions to Mexico
Another interesting and gratifying experience was providing translation for a Lutheran missions ministry that wanted to go to Mexico and visit several places and minister to their pastors in Mexico and also some outreaches that they wanted to conduct.  We drove to the border in Chula Vista and met their group which consisted of about 15 people, then for the next 3 days we were theirs, providing them with interpreting so their could communicate with their Spanish Counterparts and with the Mexican people.

b. Billy Graham Crusades
In 1985 ABC went to Amsterdam to provide interpreting for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as thousands of evangelists gathered from all over the world to network and learn as they attended seminars and workshops.  Thereafter ABC Translating was also invited to provide translation and interpreting for Crusades held in Southern California.

c. Harvest Crusades
ABC began the translation ministry for the Spanish people in Southern California for the Harvest Crusades back in the late 80s a ministry that has continued to the present day.

In all these areas and fields ABC Translating and Interpreting Services has been greatly enriched and blessed in being able to provide a needed service that brings great satisfaction not only to the recipients but the givers of the service as well, remembering always that the client comes first, and it is with this in mind that ABC Translating and Interpreting looks forward to continued service in the coming years to all people and all languages bridging the language and cultural gap in order to facilitate communication and bring progress to all.


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